Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the commonly asked questions by the users. If you have some other questions, please feel free to contact us.

What is HelloChecklist?

HelloChecklist is a powerful business process checklist management tool which can be recursively run, schedule, maintains the revision handling and boosted with a powerful deviation management tool.

What are the HelloChecklist pricing plans?

HelloChecklist offers 3 types of pricing plans: Trail, Pro and Enterprise as per the requirement. Click here for more deatils.

What types of subscriptions does HelloChecklist offer?

HelloChecklist offers two types of subscriptions: Monthly basis and Yearly basis. Monthly base subscription can upgrade or cancel at any time with no further obligation. Yearly base subscription can also be canceled at any time with no further obligation.

How secure is my data with HelloChecklist?

We use the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure and all data is stored in highly secure managed data centres. For premium users, we also allow them to choose the data server location.

Do HelloChecklist offer a Trial?

Yes, HelloChecklist offers a 15 days Trial package for single users.

Do I need to give card details for Trial?


How can I pay for any subscription plan?

HelloChecklist accepts all forms of card payments using a secure processing platform

Does HelloChecklist save user card details?

No, we don't have the user card details.

How do I get enrolled for subscriptions?

It is very simple. Register, select and subscribe the package and activate your account via a link sent to your registered email address.

What happens once after my plan ends or expires?

HelloChecklist provides a 7 to 15 days time frame depending on the subscribed plan to download all your data.After which we remove all account data from our server and the account will not be accessible.

What type of Installation HelloChecklist offers?

Cloud based or Standalone

How I install the HelloChecklist?

The HelloChecklist support team will help the users with the installation.

How do I login?

Using registered E-mail ID and Password.

Does K-checklist save accounts password?

The Account user password is encrypted and saved so we don't have direct access to the passowrd.

Where is the HelloChecklist located?

We provide service all over the world but we are located in India.

Is there a HelloChecklist API?


Are you GDPR Compliant?