Business Checklist

We have the scenario were company have software application to be developed for their client within a certain timeline. Finishing the work within the timeline and error free is the biggest challenge that an organization faces. Company growth and reputation all depends upon the service they provide to their customers. Here comes the major role of HelloChecklist.

Hellochecklist not only helps users to create their do list but also helps to log the deviations. Let see how…….

Business Checklist

Step 1:

Creating the requirement. Review and get the approval on the requirement.

Step 2:

Creating the project framework. Review and get the approval.

Step 3:

Project Development.

Step 4:

Project Testing and register the deviation if any.

Step 5:

Solve the error and test it again.

Step 6:

Finish project ready to deliver to the client.

User can add above points to the checklist with the following parameters like task name, start date, end date, completion date, comment column and column to register the deviation and then approved checklist can be shared among the users for the implementation.